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Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Located on the outskirts of the historic city of York, you will find an exclusive, unique, beautiful wedding venue hidden amongst rolling fields. And if you venture through their gates on an evening, you will most likely come across a lot of laughter, cheering and happy people enjoying a wedding day.

Having spent most of June 2022 shooting couples and their friends at this venue, I thought I would share with you my recent shots.


Nice to meet you all! A little about my style of shooting? I will capture you at your happiest, pulling your best mid laughter face, and enjoying every minute of your amazing day. After all, you blink and it is over! Most couples say on their day that it feels like a dream, and how fast the time is going. They do not tell a lie - enjoy every second, let me capture you doing just that!

Below are my most recent weddings at The Normans - Each felt so unique and had their own personal touch to the already stunning surroundings.





You can easily see why so many couples fall in love with this location. Not to mention, the staff and owners are the nicest people! They really make you feel welcome as a supplier, as well as make sure you all have the day of your dreams.

A few pros?

- Their food is amazing

- Accommodation for a handful of people onsite

- And for those who can't stay, a taxi ride back to York is around 20 mins to the centre

- A gorgeous cottage on site to get ready on the morning

- Fairy lights GALORE

- Brilliant staff, from the wedding coordinator to the waiters

- Lots of areas to the venue, so it is awesome come rain or shine

Check out the venue for yourself:


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