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An early start on a beautiful Sunday in New York City.

We had roughly planned out our days here, but I do stress they were rough, as I don't really like having to stick to a strict time schedule. Our plan was to head down the west side down by the river, and then zig-zag our way back up to times square. It was a quiet walk with it being so early, but half way down, by chance, we found an area to go kayaking! Spending the morning on the river, seeing the skyline, was amazing!


After our beautiful walk down the river, we decided to go to the 9/11 site. From seeing something so devastating happen on the other side of the world, to actually being there - it blows your mind. The area outside the museum where to towers stood, almost felt like it was in a bubble of silence. The whole space felt mute, and at peace. If you are going to New York, I do recommend you visit this place. It will make you see the city in a totaly different way.

After the museum, we took the super fast lift up Tower One. The views - Amazing!


A trip here could not be complete without a visit to Katz Deli!

We headed here in the evening and it did not disapoint. Located in the East Village, our long walk really paid off when we had the GREATEST SANDWICH ever!!!

You have to go to this place if you are heading to NYC

i'll have what she's having....

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